Koven Wei: Expressing Ideas and Individuality Through Fashion

When one buys a designer’s clothing, they are adhering to that expression and using it as a representation of themselves.
— Koven

The Face Behind the Fashion: Koven Wei

Self expression is different through everyone's eyes. There's no cookie cutter method when it comes to being innovative either. A man on a mission, Koven Wei is today's Toronto street fashion featured individual with a message for what it means to be ourselves. Koven grew up surrounded by Asian culture and street wear. In his community, Wei saw a lot of wealthy people wear expensive designer brands stacked on top of each but without any alignment and realized that it lacked a lot of real individuality. It has since changed his outlook on what it means to be unique. Raised to be a scholar, he has since moved his life in another direction pursuing a more creative approach through a career in fashion design. He's currently out of school working on a clothing line he has a huge role in.

Currently, Koven is heading the creative direction of a new street fashion brand called "You and I" out this month. He certainly enjoys wearing the pieces that he makes which are also a creation of his own thoughts and feelings. Yet, Wei also enjoys directing photo shoots for this brand as well. He calls himself "extremely meticulous" when it comes to creativity although it can take an effort and frustration to correctly express the goal of a shoot. However, when time is taken for the organization and the right people are involved, it is "a magical moment." Having a personal label also instills a sense of pride, and Koven plans to start a separate one he can call his own. Although Wei can not physically be everywhere, he hopes his vision can be internalized on clothing around the world.

One special thing for Koven is his own mind. No matter how much you can copy other works, the mind is continuously changing. Wei is constantly influenced by other people on the daily especially on the streets of the multicultural and open minded city of Toronto. He sees that as he grows mentally, his style and work grows as well. Koven also has an interesting way of wanting to change the world. He imagines that someday he can provide affordable clothing to those who live in poverty so that there is no financial requirement to be expressive through fashion. Yet, Wei knows it is also a very arduous task. Right now, he is 18 and says that life can be a bit hard to maintain between juggling his job, friends, and eating well. Still young, Koven says the solution is just time and that he needs more experiences to fully mature. 

Having Individuality in a Personal Style 

Clothing is more than just a garment. It's an idea. When we wear a designer's clothing, we adhere to the message he or she wanted to portray. These pieces that carry an idea are assorted into an outfit that conveys our own individuality. For this post, Koven is showing off his style and Toronto street fashion. His look for today (below) starts with a pair of men's red high top converse and black pants. The upper portion includes a white Guess t-shirt and is finished by his favorite Stussy Yellow Coach Jacket. Other pieces of clothing seen here include a Pink "You and I" Hoodie from Koven's company and a Comme Des Garcons x Supreme Fishtail Coat. With a nicely colorful urban taste, Koven is a great source of apparel inspiration.

Follow Koven on Instagram @kovenwei and follow "You and I" @yai_us.

Find his clothing at Guess, Bape, Stussy, You and I, and Supreme.