Parker York Smith: Fashion Freedom After Years of Private School Outfits

It came to be through years of uniform requirements in school, so as soon as I had an opportunity to wear a soft tee and worn in denim, I took it.
— Parker

The Face Behind the Fashion: Parker York Smith

Individuality is sacred. What makes you unique is your ability to choose things for yourself including what you want to wear. Parker Smith grew up in the Midwest specifically in Cincinnati, Ohio. In his youth, he played basketball, football, and ran track while attending private school. Parker was required to wear uniforms while getting this early education and could only differentiate himself with a pair of shoes. This restriction inspired a lot of desire for personalized style when he grew up, and today, Parker lives in sunny Los Angeles where he can dress however he chooses. In LA, Smith mentions that he can walk out the door and be whatever version of himself that he chooses. 

Running A Fashion and Lifestyle Site

Parker is a menswear and lifestyle blogger on his personal site, The Look Smith, and loves to teach guys how to develop the best version of themselves through posts about exercise, health, and certainly fashion! The piece of philosophy he advocates is that taking care of yourself and caring about how you dress makes you no less masculine. In reality, it can boost your masculinity because it shows a high level of self-respect. Aside from being a blogger, Parker is an aspiring actor, and so it is no surprise that his favorite LA landmark is the Hollywood sign. He also enjoys other hobbies in his free time including rock climbing and studying the world of investments.

The Meaning of Fashion Expression and Favorite Fashion Experience

Fashion for Parker has always been an extension of self-identity and an expression of current mood. He calls his style classically casual with a pop of trends. After years and years of required uniforms in school, Smith took the first opportunity to wear a soft tee and classic denim jeans. Parker says he is completely obsessed with shoes too and has no desire to curb this obsession. If he had the chance to have them all, he would. Smith's favorite fashion experience has to be participating in the Liberty Fairs trade shows in Las Vegas where he got to wear many different brands for photos and other promotional material. 

The Daily Dose of LA Fashion Inspiration

For today's post, Parker is giving a lot of diverse summer into fall fashion inspiration. His first outfit is a great formal one as he wears a light cream suit that contrasts his other blue pieces. The next look is on the casual side with a black shirt, white pants, and black boots. Parker can also be seen wearing a striped polo and a cool jaws graphic tee. Yet, on the right is a shot of him in action wearing a teal button up, those classic denim jeans, and a pair of dark brown leather boots. Along side a watch and a staple of his, a leather bag, Parker is ready to tackle the day even when it's a bit rainy in LA. If you'd like to see more of Parker and his awesome Los Angeles Style, check him out at or at his Instagram @parkeryorksmith!