Timothy Koh: A Men's Melbourne Street Style

There is so much strength & bravery in kindness; I’d wish for people to start recognizing that.
— Tim

The Face Behind the Fashion: Timothy Koh

Born and raised in Singapore but currently based in Melbourne, Australia, Timothy Koh mixes his high fashion aesthetics with original streetwear for a clean urban style. Originally a 90's kid, he grew up in the heated era of the East-West rap scene which influenced him into street clothes and sneakers. Tim remembers first starting off with a more raw look rocking chunky basketball shoes and snapbacks before integrating some high end pieces into his wardrobe. He recalls that his first steps into fashion were paved by his sister who Tim shared a strong bond with her over apparel growing up.  

Although Singapore will always be home, Tim enjoys Melbourne with its fantastic food, mostly fantastic weather, and its chill, laid back vibe. Impressive in the city is the unique juxtaposition architecture that includes both modern and traditional buildings. This defines Melbourne as a place rooted in its history but highly progressive at the same time. From Melbourne's hard concrete bank walls to the hiphop-influenced grafitti in alleys to the marble walls of Parliament to the oriental feel of Chinatown, the city is also a cultural melting pot from all over the world where everyone can feel at home in.

Although Melbourne contains a little piece of each part of the world, Tim would like to inspire change much further than the city limits. He's been knocked down many times, more times can he can remember, but Timothy knows that the most important thing is how we react and how we learn. There's always something positive to find in a our failures, and society as it is today can already be a negative place. One way to spread positivity is always to be compassionate to others even when we ourselves are down. Being kind is never a sign of weakness. There's strength and bravery in such actions and even just a bit of it is enough to piece back together a portion of our society. 

Presenting  a Men's Melbourne Street Style

For today's Melbourne fashion, Tim is presenting his men's summer street style. Before he throws on the clothes though, he always studies and understands the culture of streetwear which was born out of hiphop music. This young man makes it a point to educate himself in the history of his brands and sneakers. For today's awesome outfits, Tim is rolling with pairs of Air Jordans, chelsea boots, Yeezy boots, NGD sneakers, and classic vans. His bottoms consist of drawstring , Berlin, and track pants or ripped jeans along side neutral tone t-shirts. This streetwear enthusiast likes to top it off with flannels, hoodies, and jean jackets to complete his style. He never fails to look fly and put together a great, clean set of apparel. Find further inspiration and outfits of Timothy by following his Instagram @timothykoh_.

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