Christina Roys: Finding Opportunity Abroad and a Fabulous Floral Australian Style

If you’re passionate about something, you’ve got nothing to lose.
— Christina

The Face Behind the Fashion: Christina Roys

Although she's presenting her awesome Australian style for today, Christina Roys is originally from the island nation not too far away, New Zealand. She specifically grew up in Auckland City within a family of five and also during the days before internet and social media. With the kids on her quiet suburban street, she remembers having a bike gang for a source of fun. Christina also took up horse riding where she balanced time on the farm with her studies. Being born with what she calls "a shopping addiction" and a love for styling and curating outfits, she graduated college with a Bachelor's Degree in marketing. Roys instantly knew she wanted to apply her skills to the fashion industry but also knew opportunity at home in New Zealand was limited. 

Christina wanted to ensure that she had a career she would be passionate about, one in fashion. Roys first began as an intern doing public relations in a showroom while receiving no pay. It did eventually turn into a full time job, but after three years of working in her home country, the time came to look for opportunity in the land down under. After a break of two month's travel, Christina headed over to Sydney, Australia. Having been there now for five years, this fashionista does in house digital marketing for an Australian fashion label. For this job, she spends a lot of her time writing, photographing, and developing content which really suits her. Through these experiences, Christina has learned it is important to get your foot in the door, even as an intern, before running with a dream. She also adds that if you're passionate about something, you've got nothing to lose by taking a risk.  

Besides having a great job, Australia has turned out to be a beautiful country. She specifically enjoys the weather in Sydney where it is currently what is considered winter. Luckily, the temperature is around 72 degrees Fahrenheit (22°C) while hardly raining. For the views, her favorite is the Sydney Opera House, one of the most beautiful and unique structures in the world and a key icon in Australia. Currently and a little ways out of the city, Christina has been visiting surrounding Australian vineyards too. Certainly, this area has turned out to be a super great move but for those tourists out there, seems to make for a superb vacation spot as well. However, Christina sees another relocation in the future to London or Europe where she can begin her own e-commerce business. 

A Fabulous Floral Style for the Weekend

Christina Roys has no problem wearing an outfit that's a mix of feminine details with casual pieces. Today, her outfit is a go-to for weekend events and is centered around the fabulous bell sleeve floral top, one of her favorites. For that casual side, she has on a pair of classic denim jeans from J. Crew, and for her shoes, Christina has on lovely white Zara heels. Since it can get quite cold, she also carries a black leather jacket, also from Zara. One of the most significant pieces to Christina would have to be the black vintage Chanel bag. It's her first and only Chanel handbag, and it took her nearly three months to pay off. Yet, the investment for a piece that will last forever was worth it. For a touch of Sydney fashion and September fashion, Christina Roys doesn't come short of perfection for her Australian style. 

Read more about Christina at her blog and follow her on Instagram @chrstinaroys!

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