John J. Lee: The Designer who Works Three Jobs in the City of Seattle

I want to share my experiences to help inspire and motivate people, especially the younger generation and those with underprivileged backgrounds.
— John

The Face Behind the Fashion: John J. Lee

The most amazing people are the ones who also have the most humble beginnings. Showing off his Seattle street fashion is John J. Lee who came from the city's southend, a rather tough neighborhood. Although his childhood wasn't filled with riches, it paved the way for an exceptional young man and put life into perspective. Not having much inspired John to be creative, a trait vital to his professions now. He also has a great work ethic which came from hardworking parents. Importantly, growing up with little nurtured a mind for big dreams and big aspirations. John may have started from the bottom; however, he didn't let this restrict him from becoming the person he is today. 

John has been working nonstop since he was 15 and put himself through college. His goal was always to make something of himself and support his family. Today, John has three different jobs being a Senior Designer, design instructor, and brand ambassador. For him, juggling three different roles keeps him active and keeps him challenged. It doesn't just stop there though, and John sees himself growing into a Creative Director role teaching at the university level while also continuing to build his new personal brand.  Recognized for his motivation, John has been able to attend private events for Fear of God where he has met streetwear icons Jerry Lorenzo and John Elliot who each have their own inspiring stories.

Overall, John wants to help others rise to their potential, especially the younger generation and those who are underprivileged. He himself did not have a plentiful background but wants others to know that anything is within reach and is possible. After all, he is proof of that mindset. Currently, his city of Seattle is living up to its own potential too with diverse districts as well as a great mix of city and nature. With new beautiful architecture and a growing tech industry, Seattle and John both share a story of development and both keep it clean and stylish. 

Presenting John's Modern Seattle Style

John has no shortage of awesome fashion inspiration. He describes his own style as eclectic, edgy, and versatile mixing high end looks with streetwear ideas.  Above, John is rocking a base of black tones that allows his outerwear and shoes to really pop. It starts with a pair of Threadworkshop jeans, a Killion tee, and a Saint Pablo Hat. Then, he's wearing a fresh Killion Camo Bomber Jacket alongside suede Collegium Sneakers for that touch of color. Of course, all around this post are other superb looks including flannels, more hats, awesome outerwear, and popular shoes. All in all, John not only inspires us to live up to our dreams but also to dress well!

Follow John on Instagram @johnjunglee. Shop the camo look at Killion, Collegium, Threadworkshop, and Pablo Supply